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Presto! Vintage PS Action

Trying out my new digital action goodies this morning... available on Creative Market,  the  "Presto! Vintage Photoshop Action" by Doug Penik.  After only playing with these actions for just a few minutes, I got some pretty fun, and interesting results.  Presto is an appropriate name for this set, it's super fast loading all the actions, non destructive, and easy to click through the history to see instant results.  See for yourself:

Here's another image I've been working on. Wanted to try a low contrast image, lowering the opacity/strength of the action for a more subtle result, and I'm just loving how they turned out:

Visit Doug Penik's shop here

Oh, and did I mention it's available for free this week on Creative Market

Animate Your Images

Having a little fun this morning with, an online tool to quickly and easily create an animated gif.  It was created by the amazingly talented Dana at This image is Mr.C, my studio assistant. Enjoy your day, and thanks so much Dana! ;)


here are some images from a shoot today.  a few made it into my stock shop.  the images above are simply samples of how you could use these images...