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Somehow time just has a way of passing too quickly, and yes, it's been since last December since I've last posted here, so I'm way overdue. I haven't been sleeping at the wheel, just extremely busy with several projects in the fire. One of which is a website makeover. You may or may not have noticed that my website at cannot be found... well I had what I thought was a great landing page, but I realized several months ago it was non-responsive therefore no it's good to me (I know should have tested it long ago).  So I'm working on a new site, and weighing some options, and solutions. Not sure when it will be ready though, but will keep you posted here.  I also revamped my logo a few weeks ago, and have produced many new stock images for my shop.  A few of the images displayed above will be listed in the shop later today. Hope you like them, and as always, I welcome your feedback. You can check them out here.

Have a great day!   :)


Time to relax, enjoy, reflect, and be thankful for all the blessings... watching the kids anticipate opening an unwrapped present, and sharing this time spent with family, is so very special.  i truly wish you and your family a safe, special, and blessed holiday season!  :)

Presto! Vintage PS Action

Trying out my new digital action goodies this morning... available on Creative Market,  the  "Presto! Vintage Photoshop Action" by Doug Penik.  After only playing with these actions for just a few minutes, I got some pretty fun, and interesting results.  Presto is an appropriate name for this set, it's super fast loading all the actions, non destructive, and easy to click through the history to see instant results.  See for yourself:

Here's another image I've been working on. Wanted to try a low contrast image, lowering the opacity/strength of the action for a more subtle result, and I'm just loving how they turned out:

Visit Doug Penik's shop here

Oh, and did I mention it's available for free this week on Creative Market