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Apologies for the lack of blogging posts here on the blog.  A lot of projects going on simultaneously (which is a good thing), and re-branding has also been in the works.  We didn't set out to change our long time blog powered by Blogger, but we've repeatedly run into some pesky problems.  Things like images being auto enhanced and looking rather dull and gray (see sample above).  We can no longer find the auto-enhancement 'off' button due to Google's most recent integrative changes, nor do we have time to look for it.  And we have found that some images occasionally disappear for no apparent reason.  But those are not the only reasons for the change. We are trying to make our navigation of all our sites more seamless, and more contained.  The biggest downfall is that I will totally miss our blog design layout, that I absolutely love and adore.  It was designed by the very creative talent of Ana Degenaar at Blogmilk.

Other changes that are happening... I've decided to direct sell my prints in one shop on Etsy.  At the moment our shop is bare, but I plan on re-launching it sometime in the Spring of 2014.  I am very particular about the quality of our prints.  Using third party sites that print on demand (ie:  Society6 and Redbubble) is just not cutting it.  Not to mention, we love interacting with our customers, and ensuring the quality of delivering personal, and exceptional customer service is a high priority.  Our primary means of selling prints have successfully occurred at in person Market events.  That positive experience, has motivated us towards these changes with our online shop.

We do have a new blog that's gone live, where you can keep up with the latest works, news and projects:  here

Thanks, and enjoy your day!

featured works  /  new blog  /   print shop - coming soon!   

Parkwood Farms Therapy Center // Snellville, GA

I've been away from my blog for much of this fall, okay, since last July, but believe me I've had a lot on the burner both personally and professionally... everything from sprucing up my brand, organizing my sites and their navigation, getting my marketing in order, new packaging material, new photography prints and sizes, re-organizing my shops, new products, and taking on some new design projects as well. 

Personally, I wanted to share a post about an exceptional local non-profit organization I discoved last August. Parkwood Farms Therapy Center is located in Snellville Georgia. I've had the pleasure of meeting some amazing kind hearted people dedicated to volunteering their time, efforts, and devotion to the program. Totally in awe of what they do, what it takes to run the program, caring for the horses, and especially the people involved in making it all happen.  This local non-profit is run by it's founder Dr. Peterson, and they specialize in non-traditional clinical therapies, and therapeutic equine riding. They service physically, emotionally, autistic, and mentally challenged children and adults. Their horses, are as sweet, calm, and gentle as can be, and the volunteers are dedicated to providing a loving safe environment for all involved.   The center goes to great lengths into the training of all volunteers, and they are attentive to meeting the needs of those they serve.

I really can't say enough about Parkwood Farms Therapy Center, and I wanted to share a few pics from one of my visits there.  And yes there are kitty's on the farm, as well as a few goats, roosters, and chickens.  Also, wanted to mention that Parkwood Farms relies on donations to keep the program going...  if you feel inclined to find out more or make a donation, feel free to visit their links below:   |  parkwood facebook


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market fresh // food photography

fresh vine ripe tomatoes and green leaf lettuce... these are just a 
few of the veggies we'd love to see growing in our garden (which at this 
at this point is still an imaginary garden in the planning stages).  
being pretty new at this, i've checked out several helpful library books 
on the subject, but recently happened upon probably the best online resource
yet, at  there's educational tips and tutorials, 
growing & harvesting calendars, seed kits, recipes, and more.

enjoy your day!